The President and CEO of HEI Resources, Charles Reed Cagle has held membership in the Colorado Mining Association (CMA) for a number of years. In addition to his work with HEI, Reed Cagle serves as a cofounder and majority member of Mid-Continent Drilling, LLC, which is currently drilling in Colorado’s Wattenberg Field.

A large and effective trade organization, CMA offers its members a wide array of benefits. Presently, the association, which represents the interests of the mining industry, boasts 145 member companies and 850 individual members. Since its inception in 1876, the organization has supported the professional growth and development of its members by offering educational programming, conferences, and networking opportunities.

Furthermore, CMA keeps its members up to date on all political changes related to mining law and federal coal and hardrock regulations. The association also employs a team of devoted governmental relations specialists who advocate for legislation that will positively affect CMA members. Additionally, the organization invites its members to participate in committees ranging in topic from coal to international affairs. Through these committees, members can help steer CMA’s political stances and discuss the issues that affect them the most.