By Charles Reed Cagle

The athletes who compete in the Olympics for the United States become role models for millions around the country, and ultimately represent our nation on a global level. Unfortunately, due to the financial burden of training, many individuals with promising athletic abilities never have the opportunity to try out for an Olympic team. Few athletes receive sponsorships, and the preparations for qualifying trial events cost thousands of dollars each year. The financial realities of equipment, travel, and proper nutrition add to the burden even more.

America for Gold responds to this problem by offering needs-based grants to athletes as they train. In addition, the organization works to raise awareness of the financial strain that these athletes face. America for Gold strives to support as many athletes as possible as they become symbols of hard work and endurance for our nation.

About the Author: An oil and gas industry veteran, Charles Reed Cagle leverages more than two decades of experience as the President and Chief Executive Officer of HEI Resources. Through his firm, Reed Cagle offers support to a wide range of philanthropic initiatives, including America for Gold.