Many individuals call for the United States to reduce its dependence on foreign oil but forget that the nation has approximately 1.4 trillion barrels of recoverable oil, from a total of more than 3.7 trillion barrels currently concentrated in deposits across the country. The richest deposits lie in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. In short, the United States possesses the largest supply of oil, as well as natural gas and coal, currently in existence on Earth. These statistics come from a report released by the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress. These reserves will support Americans for a number of generations to come without needing foreign oil supplements. The American energy industry forms the backbone of the modern economy and stands poised to create millions of jobs in the future. At present, the American energy industry already provides 9.2 million jobs for an annual economic impact of $1 trillion.

About the Author: Charles Reed Cagle founded Heartland Energy, Inc., in 1997, which now operates under the name HEI Resources. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Reed Cagle focuses on economically viable exploration opportunities in the oil, gas, and mining industries.