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An accomplished oil and gas executive with many years of experience in the industry, Charles Reed Cagle currently serves as the president and CEO of HEI Resources. In addition to his professional work, Charles Reed Cagle supports the efforts of several nonprofit organizations in his community, including Outreachers. A Christian outreach organization designed to nurture the economic, educational, and spiritual growth of people across the globe, Outreachers addresses important social issues related to hunger, health care, education, and clean water.

To accomplish its mission, Outreachers holds the annual “Chip In” charity golf tournament, which benefits organizations such as Rocky Mountain Kids, in Colorado, and Casa Angelina, in Guatemala. The 2013 tournament will take place in July at The Club at Flying Horse, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and will include breakfast and lunch served on the course.

To learn more about Outreachers, or to find out how to sign up for the “Chip In” tournament, visit


For the last four years, the Christian nonprofit organization Outreachers has held a golf tournament fund-raiser. Founded by Charles Reed Cagle, Outreachers supports children and teenagers both locally and abroad. In Colorado, the group sponsors four foster homes for youth between the ages of 12 and 18. Internationally, Outreachers focuses its efforts on an orphanage in Guatemala called Casa Angelina.

On July 29, 2013, Outreachers will hold its fourth annual “Chip In” Golf Tournament. The event will take place at The Club at Flying Horse in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Beginning at 9 a.m., tournament participants will compete in a four-man scramble format.

One of the organization’s primary fund-raisers, the Chip In Golf Tournament offers seven donation levels. Beginning at the $300 individual golfer entrance fee and going all the way up to the $20,000 Hole-In-One Sponsor level, the tournament will raise thousands of dollars for a worthy cause. For more information about Reed Cagle’s nonprofit organization, or to register for the Chip In Golf Tournament, visit

Outreachers, a Christian-based nonprofit with a global scope, works to promote economic stability, educational opportunities, and spiritual connections for underserved populations around the world. One of the group’s ongoing efforts has spanned several mission journeys to Casa Angelina, a home for orphans in Guatemala. Casa Angelina provides a haven for 70 babies, children, and teenagers who have been abused or neglected.

In recent years, Outreachers funded the construction of the first two stories of Casa Angelina, assisted in building a home for a disadvantaged widow in the community, and funded operations for a home that shelters an additional eight children. Outreachers also supports a medical center at the Casa Angelina site, an educational center, and a program that offers nutritious, professionally prepared foods. During the winter holidays, Outreachers provides Casa Angelina with additional funds to be used for festive meals and events.

Reed Cagle, Chief Executive Officer and President of HEI Resources in Colorado Springs, Colorado, founded Outreachers in 2009. The organization also works locally in Colorado through Rocky Mountain Kids, which runs four homes for foster teenagers.